Saturday, 20 August 2016

Koi Hotel 2016

Azukari Services (Koi Hotel) - Grow out and grooming by MrKoi Farm. Exclusively feeding only with a mixture of MrKoi High Growth (20%) and MrKoi High Growth Deep Red (80%)



MrKoi Azukari (Koi Hotel) 2016

Major winning. Congratulations to Usop Cerek winning for the Male Grand Champion, 2nd place Male Champion, 2nd place under Sanke category, 3rd and 4th place under Showa category. Narrowly lost to a Sanke Grand Champion. Will try again next year. All fishes selected, growth and groom by MrKoi Farm and feed with a MrKoi Hi-Growth and Mrkoi Hi-Growth Deep Red. "USOP BOLEH".