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Azukari Mudpond Grow-Out Services

Why mudpond ?

a) In a mud pond there is usually more soil and beneficial organisms. Less poo to soil ratio. And more water for dilution.

b) Mudpond contains many naturally occurring minerals, clays and provides many trace elements that koi needs in developing their potential.

c) During inside the mudpond, Koi will develop their antibody and improve their immune system. Therefore, the kois will be more resistance to disease and healthier.

d) Mudpond with a good quality of mountain water also can improves koi skin quality, much richer in colour (more vivid and shining), increase their appetite and usually can grow faster.  So "Azukari" is ideal for people who want a bigger fish. Faster.”

e) There was so many natural foods inside a mudpond. So the fish can "grow naturally" which I strongly believe is a good way to slowly develop a future fish to its potential. While in concrete pond, usually you have to increase your feeding rate since the fish is 100% depend on the food/pellet given by us. Some fish may grow faster inside a concrete pond due to the high feeding rate compare to the mudpond. But there is a side-effect if the fish grow too fast. And I believe this will also shortening the life span of the fish. "Fast-grow" inside a mudpond is not the same way as "fast-grow" inside a concrete pond.

Azukari Format

1. The koi will be grow and groom for 5 months by MrKoi Farm
2. The koi will be measured, recorded and picture taken before release to the mudpond.
3. The koi will be under quarantine for treatment and as a preparation before release to the mudpond and after harvested before send back to owner pond ( 1 month ).
4. Our mud ponds are fenced and netted for security and predator control.

Azukari Service Fee

1. Size < 50cm - RM550 per fish
2. Size > 50cm - 65cm - RM850 per fish
3. Size > 65cm - RM1250 per fish :

Term & Condition

a. MrKoi Farm shall take no responsibility should participants koi are injured, damaged, deformed or die under its care.
b. MrKoi Farm will not provide any replacement, refund or compensation if such event happen.
c. MrKoi Farm does not mean guaranteeing the life of the Koi. Upon requesting Azukari (Mudpond Grow Out Program), Koi owners must understand that Azukari comes with the risk of the mud pond environment, natural disasters, and other acts of God. We request that Koi owners will agree with our maintenance method and maintenance environment and will not question us with any issues related to Azukari.
d. Also there is no guarantee the fish will even grow as big as you want or make the changes you visoned or even change sex. The development of any fish also depend on their genetics and bloodline of their parent.

*** Azukari - Azukari is the shortened version of the Japanese verb; Azukarimasu.  Azukarimasu means to care for or to look after.


Koi progress and their development after 6 months grow out and groom in our mudpond as per below :

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