Azukari Concrete Pond GO

Concrete Pond with Natural Mountain Water and Mud Minerals

The benefits and why do we offer such services ?

1. Did you know that a concrete pond with a natural mountain water is good for your koi ? Our mountain water contains many naturally occurring minerals, clays and provides many trace elements that koi needs in developing their potential. This concrete pond will be supplied by this natural mountain water 24x7.

2. The quality of our mountain water is very good, fresh and cold. We already tested few koi varieties at our farm (Kohaku, Sanke. Showa, Shiro, Asagi, Goshiki, Kujaku, Ochiba and Shusui) and the result was very good and impressive. After few months in our concrete pond, the fishes skin, beni, sumi, and netting tremendously improved.

3. Maybe your pond is overstocking ? Usually hobbyist have to cull and sell off their beloved koi once overstocking. So right now, u have another option which is your can keep at our place and anytime u feels missing them, u can visit us and have a look at your fish. You also can bring back the fish to your home
whenever your want.

4. Our natural concrete pond is very good in growing and grooming your koi to its full potential especially in preparing them for any koi show.

Concrete Pond (10 tons)

Pond size - 10' x 10 x 4' (approximately 10 tons)
Water source - 24hours direct from the mountain.
Temperature - 22°C - 25°C
Rental Fee (per fish) :-
Size < 50cm = RM110 per month
Size > 50cm - 65cm = RM170 per month
Size > 65cm = RM240 per month

Term & Condition

a. Availability - very limited.
b. MrKoi Farm will provide an auto-feeder and food/pellet.
c. MrKoi Farm shall take no responsibility should any koi are injured, damaged, deformed or die under its care.
d. MrKoi Farm will not provide any replacement, refund or compensation if such event happen.
e. And also there is no guarantee the fish will even develop and grow as big as you want or make the changes you visoned or even change sex. The development of any fish also depend on their genetics and bloodline of their parent.
f. If got any koi that are sick, MrKoi Farm will consult 1st. from the owner before any medication is treated.

Azukari Concrete Pond GO - Grooming Showcase

Kondo Goshiki Grow Out 2017

Selected, growth and groomed by MrKoi. Fed exclusively only with MrKoi High Growth Deep Red.

1) Kondo Goshiki #09

(26/02/17) - 17cm

(05/08/17) - 39cm

2) Kondo Goshiki #24

(26/02/17) - 17cm

(05/08/17) - 35cm

3) Kondo Goshiki #57

(26/02/17) - 17cm

(05/08/17) - 36cm

Yamakoshi Cup 2014

Selected, growth and groomed by MrKoi. Fed exclusively only with mixture of MrKoi High Growth and MrKoi High Growth Deep Red.

Congratulations to bro Ruzaini Chen.
Gosanke 2nd Runner Up Prize and 1st Place under Momotaro Showa category.

Congratulations to bro Zul Kolamp
3rd Place under Hiroi Doitsu Showa category.

Growth and Gooming

Yamakoshi Cup 2013

Congratulations to Mr. Michael Yip for winning the 1st Prize Series #G1 Isa Showa Category and 1st Runner Up under Gosanke Category in 3rd Yamakoshi Challenge Cup 2013. Its an honour to trust me and give me a chance to growth and groom your fishes.

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