Induce Spawning

Induce Spawning to prevent Dystocia(Egg Impaction)

Dystocia or egg binding is something you will experience from time to time with mature female koi. Seasonal changes and temperature play a huge part in egg development and maturity in kois. The ovaries need time to develop prior to spawning. If this does not happen, eggs will accumulate in the ovaries and will not mature. This process is continual so, even though the eggs are not mature enough to be spawned, more will be added as the season continues. This results in egg binding. A female that is egg impacted will be quite bloated, the bloating will be soft to the touch, becoming harder as the condition progresses.

Egg impaction can lead to bacterial infection and septicaemia (systemic (bodywide) illness with toxicity due to invasion of the bloodstream by virulent bacteria coming from a local seat of infection. Also known as blood poisoning. So far, many has lost their kois due to egg impaction or related complication.

Therefore, we also offer a spawning services in order to remove eggs from your beloved and priceless koi to prevent them from having an eggs impaction problem and also to improve back their body shape.

Term & Condition

a. MrKoi Farm shall take no responsibility should participants koi are injured, damaged, deformed or die under its care.
b. MrKoi Farm will not provide any replacement, refund or compensation if such event happen.
c. MrKoi Farm does not mean guaranteeing the spawning will be a success.
d. The koi owner still have to pay for the spawning charges even in the induce spawning being unsuccessful.

Induce Spawning Service Fee

1. Size - 55cm - 65cm = RM680
2. Size - 66cm - 75cm = RM780
3. Size - 76cm - 85cm = RM880
4. Size > 85cm = RM980


1) Induce Spawning Hi Utsuri 72cm in order to improve her body shape and also a precaution procedure before she having an egg impaction problem.

2) Induce Spawning Bro Pandai 70cm Showa in order to improve her body shape.

The showa successfully spawned.

And as you can notice that her body shape did improved after the spawning process. 

3) Doitsu Showa (F) - 75cm

4) Shusui (F) 70cm
Shusui (M) 60cm
Spawned - 01/09/2013

5) Sakai Yamabuki Ogon Induce Spawning. In the last few days saw her don't want to eat and starting to have problem in balancing her body. So I decided to induce spawning yesterday. After spawned, her body became more slim and hopefully she will be healthy again.

6) Kujaku 61cm

7) Ginrin Kohaku 80cm

8) Kohaku 71cm

9) Kujaku 74cm

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