Koi For Sale

MrKoi High Quality Karashigoi
MrKoi homebreed Karashigoi - Oyagoi - Sakai(F) @ Marudo(M)

Doitsu Chagoi @ Gold Coin
For sale - Doitsu Chagoi @ Gold Coin. Size 35- 45cm (estimated). The coins (scales) may or may not develop in the future base on your water quality, husbandry skill and lucks. Please pm me your offer. Tq.

Special Unique Doitsu Chagoi with Flowery Scales Pattern

Mix Koi For Sale
Some kois for sale. Size around 25cm - 50cm. Price range RM150 - RM980



  1. Kodama Koi Farm provides wholesale and retail of high quality Japanese, Niigata, Nishikigoi. Both koi and all necessity koi goods, pond supply, koi food, educational book are available.

    Koi For Sale

  2. price for wholesale japanese small koi fish??